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Big Horn wind farm 2013.JPG launched! is intended to be a resource of best-in-class O&M practices, technical evaluations, and academic research for those who must “live” with their assets. The site is brand new, so this is your opportunity to help make a difference and prevent others from having to re-learn the same lessons you already have. Requested are postings of whatever information on inspections and end of warranty inspections, preventative maintenance, services, break-fix repairs and parts, storage & logistics options, and any best-in-class practices, etc., that you might think are helpful.

Built on the same architecture as Wikipedia, is designed for collaboration whereby anybody can contribute and edit postings – for free. The intent is to build a reliable and credible open source of truly useful information.

Contributors are asked to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Materials posted should be of the writer’s original work.
  • Please be careful not to violate any nondisclosure agreements you may with your employer or user groups.
  • To include photos or graphics, you will need to register and 'Upload' compressed-sized content, but otherwise you may chose to post/edit text without having to register.
  • Wherever other work is cited, it should have come from the public domain, as well as be properly cited/attributed per the guidance of MediaWiki, the American Psychological Association, or other similar formats.
  • Hot-links to such referenced materials are highly encouraged.
  • Edits to others’ postings should be thoughtful, value-added, and documented as may be appropriate.
  • Please see words that are highlighted in "red" ...these have been, or can be done by you, edited with double brackets at both ends, i.e., O&M ...2x "[" before, and 2x "]" after the word which indicates something warranting additional discussion and therefore additional pages to the website accordingly. This will add additional value and richness to the content.
  • While both credited or anonymous postings allowed, libelous statements are the responsibility of the person or entity making the posting.
  • If you need formatting help, see Wikimedia's Formatting Page.
  • If you are having difficulties making a posting, then please contact to receive assistance.

Authors are encouraged to post articles of a limited scope and length, and with titles that facilitate key-word search. This will create easier search and access by RenewableEnergy.Wiki’s users, and in turn provide better visibility of the information posted and the credited person or entity making the posting.

While manufacturers and service suppliers may make postings, if the editorial staff of the website believe the information posted is purely of a self-serving nature, it may be removed or edited.

Best of luck to all, and thank you very much in advance for your help in building the best source of searchable information available to renewable energy asset owner-operators.

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The following link provides some excellent information relative to the turbine options available for offshore wind:

Primary text for the wind turbine gearbox failure modes provided by RBB Engineering ...

Primary text for the analysis of gearbox lubricants provided by RBB Engineering ...

Investigations of Bearing Failures Associated with White Etching Areas (WEAs) in Wind Turbine Gearboxes. Published here with permission from the authors, ROBERT ERRICHELLO, ROBERT BUDNY and RAINER ECKERT


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